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English Learner
Resource Teacher Team

Instructional Resource Teachers play a vital role in empowering teachers to enhance English Learner (EL) academic and language achievement through job-embedded measures. They offer valuable support, including personalized small group instruction, aimed at boosting English language proficiency. By actively engaging with Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), they collaboratively analyze formative assessments, enabling them to tailor classroom lessons and practices to meet individual student needs. These tailored strategies encompass differentiation, scaffolding, and interventions, all driven by student data insights.

Instructional Resource Teachers leverage summative data, such as the Summative ELPAC and FAST (FastBridge Reading Assessment), to establish long-term site goals. Their dedication to data-driven decision-making ensures that educators are equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to drive continuous improvement in EL student outcomes. Through their guidance and expertise, educators are empowered to create a dynamic and inclusive learning environment that fosters academic growth and linguistic development for all students.

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