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Newcomer Support

San Diego Unified receives immigrant students from around the world, with over 75 languages spoken across the district. The Multilingual Education Department provides support for all students that are enrolled in our schools and learning English. 

Welcome Center

The San Diego Unified School District's Newcomer Welcome Center is a place where newcomer students and their families can learn about the district's resources, programs, and opportunities, while sharing their unique backgrounds, cultures, and aspirations.



Monday - Hoover High School

Tuesday - San Diego High School

Wed (alternating) - Mira Mesa High

Thursday - Lincoln High School

Friday - Crawford High School

Image by Eric Rothermel

Book an Appointment


*If your school is not located within one of the scheduled clusters, you may book an on-site appointment on an alternating Wednesday starting Aug. 21st.

District Wide Support for all Newcomers

For our newcomer students at the emerging level of English proficiency, we provide the following: 

  • Tier 1 Designated and Integrated ELD instruction in all schools grades K-12. 

  • Professional Development focused on newcomer typologies, creating assets-based learning communities, and best practices for meeting the unique needs of newcomers. 

  • Supplemental language programs

    • Benchmark Hello for grades 3-5.​

    • National Geographic Inside the USA for grades 6-12. 

    • Lexia English (online program).

  • Instructional Coordinator Support for consultation and planning for site newcomer support, including professional development and support with Professional Learning Cycles planning of effective strategies for newcomers. ​

The Children and Youth in Transition department also provides additional resources for refugee students, such as orientation interpretation, tutoring, and other materials as needed.

Resources for Teachers

Classroom Resources for Newcomer Students

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