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All Multilingual learners are placed in the Structured English Immersion (SEI) Program:

A language acquisition program in which classroom instruction is provided in English with daily Designated ELD and access to grade-level academic subject matter content through Integrated ELD. All schools are required to provide an SEI program for students. See other Language Acquisition Program Options below. 



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Two-Way Language Immersion

Blends two language education models: for English only speakers and a bilingual maintenance model for English Learners.


Students learn from one another and support each other's second language acquisition. 

Develop linguistic and academic competence in two languages; their native language and one more.

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One-Way Language Immersion

Referred to as One-Way Immersion Programs.

Designed for English speaking students to acquire a second language.

They vary in intensity and structure according to the model implemented.

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One-Way Developmental Bilingual Biliteracy

Comprised of Spanish speaking EL's (IFEP and RFEP students can also participate).

Develop high levels of academic proficiency in the student's primary language, simultaneous with the development of language and academic proficiencies in a second language (English). 

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Secondary Dual Language Pathways

    Middle School DL pathway programs offer coursework that support elementary DL programs. Content courses such as Social Studies and/or science are taught in the corresponding target language. 

    High School DL pathway programs offer coursework that continues DL programs. 
    Content courses such as Social Studies and/or science are taught in the corresponding target language. Students have the opportunity to receive the CA State Seal of Biliteracy.

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Although English Learners are automatically placed into the SEI program, parents/guardians may choose a language acquisition program that best suits their child. Schools in which the parents or legal guardians of 30 pupils or more per school or the parents or legal guardians of 20 pupils or more in any grade request a language acquisition program that is designed to provide language instruction shall be required to offer such a program to the extent possible. For further information please contact the Multilingual Education Department at or 619-725-7264.

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