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Universal transitional kindergarten is a new grade level preceding kindergarten and it is open to all students turning 4 by September 1st.

Remote Learning

One-way immersion programs are designed primarily for English-speaking students to acquire a second language. These programs vary in intensity and structure depending on the specific model being implemented.

Teacher and Student

Two-way dual language education combines elements of both English-only instruction and bilingual maintenance approaches, catering to both native English speakers and English learners. In this model, students collaborate and assist each other in acquiring their second language. The goal is to foster proficiency in two languages—students' native language and another language—enhancing both linguistic and academic competencies.

Taking Notes in Class

A one-way developmental program is tailored for Spanish-speaking English Learners (ELs), including both IFEP (Initial Fluent English Proficient) and RFEP (Reclassified Fluent English Proficient) students who may also participate. The program aims to cultivate advanced levels of academic proficiency in the student's primary language while concurrently fostering the development of language and academic proficiencies in a second language, typically English.

Smiling Student in Lecture


Middle School DL pathway programs offer coursework that support elementary DL programs. Content courses such as Social Studies or Science are taught in the corresponding target language. 


High School DL pathway programs offer coursework that continues DL programs with a fourth-year world language course such as Spanish 7/8 or Spanish Language AP. Students have the opportunity to receive the CA State Seal of Biliteracy.

Dual Language Programs Map

Dual Language 


Veronika Lopez-Mendez

Director, Dual Language

Sylvia P. Ulloa

Program Manager, Dual Language

Martha Osuna-Jacinto

Instructional Coordinator, Dual Language

Our Team


Alejandra Gomez

DL Resource Teacher

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Cristina Cordova

DL Resource Teacher

Nuri Vargas_edited.jpg

Nuri Vargas

DL Resource Teacher

Jon Ton_edited.jpg

Jonathan Ton

World Languages Resource Teacher

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