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Parent Opt-out of English Learner Programs and Services

A parent/legal guardian has the right to opt their child out of English Learner (EL) programs and services. This decision must be voluntarily initiated by the parent/legal guardian and based on a full understanding of the EL child’s rights, the range of services available to the child, and the benefits of such services to the child. SDUSD may not recommend that a parent/legal guardian opt a child out of EL programs and services for any reason. If a parent/legal guardian decides to opt their child out of EL programs and services, that child still retains his or her EL status and will continue to take the Summative ELPAC until they meet the criteria to reclassify to fluent English proficient. The site must continue to monitor the English language proficiency (ELP) and academic progress of EL students who opt out of EL programs and services. If a student does not demonstrate appropriate growth in ELP or maintain appropriate academic levels, the site must inform the parent/legal guardian in a language they understand. The site is then obligated to encourage the family to resume participation in EL programs and services. Go to forms.

Procedures and Guidelines for
Completing Opt-out Process.

Procedures and guidelines to assist parents/legal guardians who wish to opt their child out of EL programs and services:

• Parent/legal guardian contacts the site and requests that their child no longer receive EL programs and services for the current school year.

• Site administrator schedules a meeting with the parent/legal guardian to review the letter and implications in a language that they understand. This may require an interpreter from Translation Services. The site administrator must assure that the parent/legal guardian understands all implications: The student retains EL status and takes the annual Summative ELPAC. The site administrator reviews the following student data: ELPAC history, academic standing/grades, and attendance record.

• Parent/legal guardian completes opt-out form applicable only for the current school year.

• Site staff makes a copy of the document for the parent/legal guardian, a copy for the site EL Coordinator for record-keeping and saves it in the student CUM. Site staff emails copy of document to

District staff enters the Opt-out form into PowerSchool in the Parent Request tab of the student’s English Learner module.


Opting out of EL programs and services must be renewed on a yearly basis, and the request must be parent/legal

guardian initiated. Below is the link for the Opt Out of EL Programs/Services form.

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