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DELAC Recruitment for Liaison and Student Member

Dulce Caldwell

Oct 24, 2022

DELAC General Meetings

Dear ELAC Advisors & EL Coordinators,


Thank you for supporting multilingual students and parents at your site. DELAC is currently actively recruiting for two midterm vacant positions on our executive board of officers and we would love your help.


Do you have any parents at your site that might be interested in developing their leadership skills and using their voice to advocate for our multilingual students?  Potential candidates must be parents of English learner, IFEP, or RFEP students currently enrolled in our district.  They do not have to be elected members of your ELAC.


The vacant positions we have open are for two ELAC Liaisons. The ELAC Liaisons meet with the DELAC Executive Board and the Multilingual Education Department Staff to set agendas for DELAC General Meetings. They assist sites in creating and maintaining their ELACs. They also represent DELAC at Reclassification Celebrations.  The ELAC Liaison must be able to attend DELAC General Meetings which are held on Zoom and DELAC Executive Board meetings held twice a year.


If you have parents who are interested in the ELAC Liaison positions, please share this link to the interest survey form or send an email to by Nov. 4, 2022.


Thank you so much for your continued support!

Updated DELAC Liaison (3)
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